Used "Journey" (Math Assessment Project) in my classroom as an assessment after an investigation with 7th and 8th. It turned into a lesson after students made errors due to errors in reading of the text. I allowed students to use actual scored activities to compare to their work to see where their errors were and make sense of how they should solve this type of a problem. I wanted them to see the math that is important to solve problems they will encounter.

_"Division" 6th and "Birds and Eggs" 7th/8th waiting in the wings
_Use WORDLE to share standards at wikispace lessons
_COOL MATH ... utilize this to make the math more exciting because of this technology link

_TJ - Wordle her writing to see if she is using passive voice or redundant boring words
_ used ADVANCED SEARCH for researching my literature for ED 630
Common Core link above. Blueprint is here.

Print of blueprints and gauge where we are; redirect instruction.

Established reading/homework time for our family and others needs to enforced!