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General Math Links: (Please let me know if a link is no longer viable and I will remove it! Thank you!) This site has improved. Students should play the ratio/fractions games! Integer games and basic multiplication and division games are excellent practices for basic facts. Polynomials Baseball Geometry

Math interactives

FUNCTIONS, SLOPE, LINEAR EQUATIONS, AND OTHER RELATED TOPICS: Converting to Slope-Intercept Form and Graphing parallel line equations: involves point-slope formula, standard formula, and slope-intercept formula to figure out the parallel lines

Systems of Equations:

After doing an investigation about slope-intercept in CMP's Thinking with Mathematical Models, these videos make more sense! :) graphing equations strategy substitution strategy combining equations strategy

Expressions and Equations and Inequalities:

an investigation into expressions, equations, and inequalities for 6th and 7th grade:


FRACTIONS, DECIMALS, PERCENTS here are some interactive games to help you practice...


PROPORTIONS IS JUST ANOTHER NAME... Fractions: addition practice Fruit Shoot Addition Practice Fraction Game

MULTIPLICATION PRACTICE:Speed grid challenge... practice your mental math multiplication skills against the clock

Practice multiplying and dividing numbers by powers of 10!

Here are some great interactive games to help you practice your multiplication facts:

Practice your mental math... multiply and divide by powers of 10! (you'll have to copy and paste this link into your browser.)

Practice your estimation skills with base 10...


Practice adding (and subtracting) POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE INTEGERS.

Here's a web site where you can experiment with pattern blocks and think about place value.

RATIONAL NUMBERS: Learning about radicals: how to simplify them, add and subtract them, and multiply and divide them. Simplifying polynomials. Simplifying polynomials. How to find the zeroes of a rational function


Proportions - Baseball Averages;Coll_Group_SanDiegoCommunityCollegesDevelopmentalMathExchange.ElementaryAlgebra&viewer=standards

First for frequency, visit this fun medieval setting. Collecting data can first begin with a frequency chart!

Learn about lovely line plots.

After using a line plot, we can learn about mean absolute deviation. (M.A.D.) Why would we need to learn M.A.D.? Hmm...

Stem and leaf plot introduction :)

Box and whisker plots

Box and whisker plot video -- fun to hear and watch!


Lessons that Frau Schlechter should use to have students discover area!

Explore quadrilaterals! Think about the characteristics as you morph each quadrilateral...

Explore Reflections...

Draw Reflections....


Take a Symmetry Quiz...

Have some fun and challenge yourself to build a 3-d structure to match the views (bottom, side, front) ! AWESOME but not easy. :-) we can model different polygons here, including different types of parallelograms and triangles. Transformations can be explored.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Common Core Standards

Math Standards Document
:) introduces us to the Common Core Standards (Units at a glance share Standards of Mathematical Practice and how the content is integrated and use to address these 8 SMP! Cool!)
Ideas for unpacked common core standards:

testing questions for practice 6th grade

I can statements for 6th grade related to CCSS:

Manipulatives Masters
Graphing Calculator -?


Ideas for using spreadsheets:

Math Practice for my best students in the whole world!
Jefferson Lab
Practice tests for science, math, and technology

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This math link page was partly copied from Mrs. Glenda Woodburn, math teacher in Pierre, SD. She has lots of interesting things going on in her classroom!

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